flat tires & water

many of you know that i recently lost someone very important. i intend to write a long post about him and the past few weeks, but i’m just not there yet. i’ve been feeling somewhat human again this week, and i’ve been trying to force myself to be social and to engage in things i enjoy rather than lie in bed and mope. it’s not healthy for me, it keeps me from being of any use to others, and it’s not going to bring him back.

so. i rode my bike to work yesterday b/c the weather has been really nice, but my back tire somehow went completely flat by the time i left, so i called j to pick me up. while i was waiting, i walked down to the creek and kicked around for a bit. i’m going to try to get back into the habit of taking regular snapshots of life instead of only pulling out the camera for “photography.”

i love water. if there is a creek nearby, there’s a good chance i’ll end up in it.