snowflakes & updates

i’m awful at updating my blog, i know. i have a million things i should probably be posting, and i’ll try to get around to that later. to catch you up a little, i decided to move into the manor and rent my little house to a friend. it’s been great so far, aside from all the unpacking that is yet to be completed. i made it through the year end horse show finals, tried to remove the tip of my finger and ended up with stitches, and had an amazing birthday week with people i adore. i’m flying to phoenix on friday to shoot a concrete blonde show; i’m pretty excited about it. i’ve added a little player with a few of my favorite concrete blonde songs in case you’re not familiar with them.

for you polamour lovers, i decided to not end the project on my birthday at the one year mark. thank you for all the support during the first year, folks. i really appreciate it. i hope you’ll stick around for 2011 and watch me spend way too much money on film. hooray, priorities!

we had our first (tiny) bit of snow in oklahoma city yesterday. i had to scramble around in boxes to find all of my macro equipment, so i only managed to catch a few flakes before the sun went down. they were coming in little puffy clusters, and they weren’t sticking to the ground for more than a few minutes, but i’m hoping for more before the of winter. i hope you appreciate that i’m willing to lie on the cold, wet ground and freeze my fingers for long periods of time just so i can capture these for you. :)

sorry i’ve been so flaky. har har. ♥