pony adventures

i’d forgotten about the little pony photo story until i was going through my flickr today. it’s silly and cute, so i’m sharing it here.

i met four new friends today at mary’s swap meet! they invited me on an adventure. i accepted, of course.

gray pony said they were heading to the top of stone mountain. they tore off through the low desert, hoping to get there before nightfall.

we came up on a river, and buckskin pony walked carefully through to make sure crossing would be safe. how thoughtful!

on the other side of the river was the base to stone mountain. the ponies galloped excitedly up and over peaks.

palomino pony suddenly got a second wind and bounded up ahead of the other ponies. “wait up!” gray pony called.

whoa! that was a close call, palomino pony. whoever knew that stone mountain ended in a cliff?

black pony looked off across the canyon and wondered what new adventures awaited below…