the david shores saga: part 1

i’ve named this “part 1″ b/c i’m pretty sure this is going to be an ongoing thing. if you’re just now joining us, this is the story of the house (bloodmoon manor) my friend and i bought together two months ago. we hired a contractor to do a bunch of small things before closing, then rip out and redo both bathrooms after closing. he ripped out the entire downstairs bathroom, then stopped showing up or answering our calls. he eventually bailed completely and refused to finish the work he started or refund any of the money that he was paid in full out of closing.

to make things more interesting, mom hired him to do a few things, including fix a leak in her flat roof. she bought a bunch of materials, and he did a little work but never came back to finish. it leaked worse than it did before on the first big rain, so she went up to find out that he hadn’t repaired the damaged area at all; he’d only painted a little tar over it. and, he took all of the materials she’d purchased.

since my post (and its great repost momentum on facebook), another lady told one of my friends (who forwarded her message to me) that he did her roof, but it didn’t pass inspection, so another company had to do it, and he’s still threatening to put a lien on her house if she doesn’t give him more money.

if you’re curious, this is what he left us with after taking over $3k:

the full story with all the details is long, so i put it under the cut if you want to read it. it was originally on facebook (proper capitalization and all!), but i had to take it down b/c it was about another member of fb. he’s even threatened to go after me for “slander”. durp.

we met with new contractors today at the manor to find out what we need to do to fix it, and it turns out that david did a bunch of illegal stuff with the plumbing. he also did such shoddy work that they’ll probably have to tear out his mess and start over. they’re getting the quotes together over the weekend, and then i’ll be filing a suit against david for what we paid him and what it’ll cost to fix the damage he’s done. stay tuned!

Jonathan and I bought a house a little over a month ago. It was a good deal on a great place, so we jumped on it. We weren’t actively looking for anything, though, so we went with an FHA loan b/c it would allow us to put less money down than with a conventional. FHA, if you don’t know, has much stricter guidelines. The house passed with only a handful of repairs required before we could close.

Mom is a flooring designer and knows a lot of people in the construction business, but we ended up in a tight spot for time b/c our lender was screwing up paperwork left and right and not returning phone calls for days at a time. Mom found a guy, David Shores, through a client recommendation. David was really friendly and eager to start the job. We worked out a deal where he would be paid $2900 out of closing. He would do the few minor repairs before closing, then redo both bathrooms in the week after.

David quickly took care of the required fixes. Some seemed half-assed, but we agreed that they only needed to get us through closing and could be revisited later. Closing was pushed back at one point, and David started to complain that he needed money. Since he was being paid out of closing entirely, I didn’t think that was at all unreasonable, so I gave him a few hundred in cash to get him by. After the weekend, he was going on about being broke again, so Mom hired him to install a gutter in her atrium, add a support column in her living room, and fix a spot on her roof that leaked. She paid him in full ($400) and purchased all the repair materials herself. He used a fraction of what she’d purchased and took the rest with him. She shrugged it off.

The one big required repair for our house was the gutters. David said he’d hired a company to handle those so he could focus on the other things. Day by day we approached closing, and the gutters still hadn’t been touched. Mom got onto David about it, and he seemed genuinely upset that the company he paid had been too busy on hail damage claims to show up. He promised that it would be fixed the day of closing, so we passed the information along to the final inspector, and he let it slide.

After we officially owned the house, David started to tear out the downstairs bathroom. He was to tear out the bathrooms to the beams, replace or repair structure as needed, update the plumbing and electric, then finish everything off so they’d be ready for paint and flooring. He’d included all faucets and tub surrounds in his bid. We gave him a key and the alarm code, and he’d be at the house when we arrived, working hard. He piled the old wood, concrete, and other scrap on one side of the house, next to the driveway. He assured us that he’d be removing it when he was done. He’d filled up one of our city trash bins with concrete scrap, which the city will not take, but he told us that he was only using it temporarily and would take the contents with the rest of the tear out.

We got down to the beams, and he added some new ones in places where there’d been rot from a very old leak in the wall (we wanted the bathrooms tackled in entirety first for reasons like this). He fixed some older pipes and began to hang drywall. When he was about halfway down from the ceiling, he tore out the floor to the joists, and we could see that they definitely needed to be replaced, which was what we were all expecting. That’s when the trouble really started.

Mom picked up two really cute vanities with sinks for him to install, and we chatted with him about other projects that we wanted to do (using him) in the future. We met up with him at Lowe’s to pick out the faucets and tub surrounds, and he pointed a few out, then told us to let him know later what we wanted. We were confused b/c we were under the impression that we were meeting with him to actually get the materials. Mom talked to him about it, and they decided that she was going to go with him to pick everything out for us when he was ready.

At some point we noticed that a week had gone by with no David. When one of us would text, he’d reply that he was on another job or wrapped up in family issues and would be there the next morning. We were a tiny bit frustrated b/c he’d originally said that the bathrooms would only take a few days each at most, and we were waiting for the downstairs bathroom to be complete before we put in the new flooring in the adjoining bedroom, which a friend was planning to move in to.

Mom and I both tried contacting David numerous times. He’d never answer when I called and rarely responded to my texts. Mom needed him to finish what he’d started at her house, and we were still waiting on him to start on the floor at ours. When she’d text him, he’d tell her that he’d be there at x time. She’d show up and wait, sometimes taking time off from work, to meet him at either house, but he never came. When she’d ask him, he’d text that he was busy, had a family emergency, etc, and would give her a new time. This happened over and over.

We decided that maybe he had already spent all of the money he was paid and just didn’t have the resources to finish. We talked about working out more work with him so we could front him what he needed for materials, but we never got to discuss it with him b/c he just kept ignoring our calls, texts, and emails. Mom finally sent some “I mean business” messages after days with no response, and he replied that his daughter came first. She told him that she understood that, but he had to let us know if something came up instead of just blowing off appointments and ignoring calls.

After more promises of dates and times with no David, Mom apologized and told me that we’d probably have to file charges b/c he clearly had no intention of finishing either of our houses. We tried to give him one last chance and called, sent texts, and emailed, but neither of us heard nothing in return. I finally told him that she was planning to file, and he responded that he would meet up with us on Wednesday (today). I asked him to set the time, and he said 5pm. He also made a comment that we were all communicating poorly about the job. Whatever. At least we were getting somewhere.

I emailed and texted him today to make sure that 5pm was still good, then Mom, J, and I all left our jobs early (to accommodate his chosen time) and met at our house. David texted me to say that he was in Edmond traffic in the rain but was hurrying. I replied that J and I were running a little bit late, so it was ok. At the house, time kept passing with no David. Mom was looking at me like, “he’s not coming.” I asked how long, and he replied that the rain was bad and it would be about half an hour. Roughly two and a half hours after our meeting time, I texted a few times with no reply. We joked that if he did reply, he’d just tell us he got into a wreck or something. He eventually did text me back, after I sent a message about it not taking that long to get from Edmond to OKC, and said that he had to pull his truck out of a ditch b/c of the rain. Mom said, “pix or it didn’t happen,” and left to go let her dog out. I told him she was talking about filing charges, and he said “call who you must.” That’s the last I’ve heard from him. It’s now after 10pm.

Fun fact: Mom called me after she reached her house to tell me that there was a huge roof leak in the area David “fixed”, so she went to look at it, and she’s pretty hot right now.

The gravity of the situation is far more messed up than it sounds (I’m trying to refrain from the colorful language I’d like to be using right now). I still don’t have new gutters, so water is draining straight into the basement. The downstairs bathroom floor is gone. Like, you can step through the joists onto the dirt gone. There’s already mold in the basement from the water draining into it, hence the gutter requirement from FHA. So now we have an open floor to a moldy basement, which has also morphed into stargate for fiddlebacks (brown recluse spiders), and it’s storming right now. We can’t close the door, and did I mention that there was cat (I really hope it was a cat) shit in the bedroom the other day? Gee, I wonder how it got in.

Our friend obviously can’t move in, and Jonathan doesn’t want to stay at the house b/c who knows what is going to crawl out of the floor next. It’s not very convenient for me to be there b/c I’m on crutches and have to go upstairs to use the other bathroom, and we’d already moved our office over there b/c we’d been assured that everything would be done within days.

David also, shockingly, never removed the tear out from the side of the house, so the City left me a lovely citation to clean it up. I have no way to haul it, nowhere to take it, and I’m not even physically able if I did have the first two covered. Oh, and it’s not my damn job. So, I’ll be getting a fine for that in a few days. Yay.

I just keep thinking about how he stood in the bathroom one day, bitching about what trash his sister is b/c of the state her house is in. Really? I have a f*cking HOLE in my house.

The worst part of this mess is that his work was actually good when he chose to do it. I was content with him as my handyman and not only intended to use him for dozens of other projects, but gave his name to damn near everyone b/c I wanted to get him more work. We are SICK over this, and I thought it would make more sense to write it all out so I don’t have to keep telling bits and pieces to everyone.

David’s facebook is here, and his email is You know, in case you’d like to share your thoughts on the stellar guy he is.

Oh, hey, I’ll just throw a rug over it.

Feel more than free to pass this link around. Actually, that would be just swell.

Mom said to clarify that he never finished anything at her house; he only hung three pieces of gutter and patched the roof, then took all of her supplies and materials.

David sent me an email:

“please be advised that the link below that you created along with the comments have been reported as abusive and as slander to Facebook
the remaining work at [address omitted] will need to be completed by a different individual than me
i am in contact with an attorney for legal assistance to get this matter resolve as quickly as possible
i am sure you and/or you mom are doing the same
the information you posted about your moms roof is incorrect – as of 9-3-10 the roof was not leaking – as of yesterday it must have sprung another leak – and if you had all the information concerning your moms house, you might be thinking differently about what you post”