sunfish expedition

friday night was the “moving to austin” party for my friend, kolby, at hell house (the house that’s considered home base for the hellkats, our bike group). it was a nice, smallish get together, but i was worn out and only had two beers all night.

i had noticed a few fish in the creek the other day that were red with bright blue-green fins, and i really wanted to catch one to see it up close, so we went to the store and picked up a little dora the explorer fishing pole. as expected, a kid’s pole turned out to be the perfect size for catching small fish in the creek. i ended up with a count of nineteen. if you’re wondering, all but a few went straight back into the creek; i brought my favorites home and put them in a big tank to see how they do.

green sunfish:

longear sunfish (the one i was after):

can you believe how gorgeous that fish is?

it was nice to just take a day off and relax. it seems like, with work and projects and everything else, there’s never any time to do anything but.

i can never get enough of these little toads:

this shy snapping turtle wouldn’t come any closer to the camera: