in the beginning

the blog: this post will likely turn into part of an “about” page at some point, but i’m leaving navigation out of the design until i have a little more content. i’ve had online journals for almost nine years now and decided it was finally time to work on an everyday blog, as i’ve been slacking off on my regular blog for some time now and don’t really feel comfortable using my photography blog for daily life. fair warning: you’ll still likely be subjected to mass amounts of photos.

the girl: i’m not much for tidy, professional bios, so here’s a bunch of random data that may or may not interest you. my name is haley carmen luna. it’s not my fault; my parents were hippies. i’m thirty-one, which sounds much older than it feels. i grew up in bisbee, arizona, attended high school in bowling green, ohio, and now reside in oklahoma city, oklahoma, where i’m perpetually engaged in a three year battle with the city to allow urban chickens. i’m not married and don’t have any children. or an etsy store. i do have an ornery dog that i raised from the day after he was born (because someone dumped a basket of brand new puppies), six corn snakes, and two bettas. i try to ride bicycles more than i drive. my mom is my best friend and the best person i’ve ever known. i inherited her webbed toes. i’m a full time web designer / developer and rest of the time photographer. i don’t live on a ranch anymore, but i work for an international horse sport organization. i like naps, artichokes, jumping spiders, and polaroid.

the name: remember the fleetwood mac song “gypsy”? it starts out like this:

so i’m back to the velvet underground
back to the floor that i loved
to a room with some lace and paper flowers

i would sing my little heart out to pretty much any and every song when i was growing up, and sometimes i sang what i heard instead of the actual words. so, for years, i thought stevie nicks was musing about “sunlace” and paper flowers. in order for that to make sense, my brain immediately decided that sunlace was, in fact, a real thing: the pattern of sunlight on the ground when it’s filtered through tree leaves.

i’m positive that i’ve forgotten countless things since my childhood, but i still look at patches of sunlight through trees and think, “ooh, sunlace.”

and, sometimes, i still sing it that way.