creek fun & catfish rescue

mom called me at around 10pm last night and said “i don’t want you to be alarmed, but i coughed up a little blood and came to the hospital.” understandably alarmed, we drove straight over and waited for her x-rays and blood work to come back. i should mention, at this point, that she slipped and fell in her friends’ sailboat a little over a week ago. she didn’t get too hurt, but she pulled the muscles in her chest and has been in a little bit of pain ever since. so, of course, i’m now convinced that she broke a rib, which sent splinters into her lungs, and she’s now bleeding to death.

it turns out, of course, that there was absolutely nothing wrong. the dr did say that she might have hurt the cartilage in her sternum in the fall, so she’ll just have to put up with the pain for a while. i snapped a few iphone shots of her making faces and wearing the blood pressure sleeve on her head, but if i post them, she just may end my life. so, moving on.

mr jonathan youngblood picked me up from work today, and i asked him to drive over to a little wooded area so i could take my daily polaroid. i found a little creek, so we climbed down to play for a bit. he picked stones for his rock garden while i had conversations with everything that moved.

i tried to catch this little softshell turtle for jonathan to see, but i barely missed him. i have a feeling we’ll meet again, though, because i intend to go back when i have a few hours to poke around and take photos.

one day, this cute little green fella will be a dragonfly:

while jonathan filled a bag with with stones, i took a clumsy stroll down the creek to see what other interesting things i might find.

i’m glad i decided to walk a little farther because i (barely) spotted this bullhead. he was maybe 1′ long and was stuck in a little rocky area with no way out. he’d been there a while; a film had formed over most of his body. in fact, i wasn’t even sure he was alive until i tickled him. so, i did what anyone would when faced with this situation: i emptied the cameras and film out of my slingshot bag, coaxed him inside, then carried him a little ways upstream to a spot where the creek forms a pool. i watched him swim around and chase the other fish for a few minutes, then wished him luck and went on my way. i included a photo of him, but you should watch the little video of his adventure below.